Our mission is to provide accommodation businesses and hosts with authentic constructive feedback to grow their businesses and provide them with a competitive edge.

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We saw the struggle first hand on what reviews good and bad can do to your business. This ...


Rate My Place is the only service available to companies both large and small including Air BnB hosts, providing mystery guests and quality feedback. Employees and hosts will be unaware of the dates of arrival, ensureing for an authentic experience and constructive feedback to help grow your business.

We provide mystery guests that will stay in your hotel/ accommodation and thoroughly examine growth opportunities for you to consider.

As business owners we have personally seen the importance of feedback to grow a business. We have personally seen where businesses reach a certai point and then become stagnant and it is hard to find ways to increase revenue and growth.

By outsourcing this work, your business should get the benefit of this being an expense and may be a tax deduction so it's a win/win!

We also understand that  people who own businesses may not always be at the front and centre. Make sure your employees are the right face for your accommodation business and perfom as expected.

Many guests judge accommodation based on reviews. Reviews are great but can also be devastating if a bad review is received. Human emotion plays a big part in reviews from everyday guests. This is why you will find most reviews are either positive or negative. Where in fact it is the guests who are 'just ok' with their stay that make up the majority, these guests are the guests that do not leave feedback and this is the feedback we need to grow.

Mystery guests will provide the feedback on every aspect of your accommodation, it can be customised to suit your accommodation as each stay is unique. Mystery guests come in three categories: couples, singles and families. This ensures we focus on your target market.

If you still need any more information about what we can provide for your business, head on over to our Frequently Asked Questions page or send us a message and we will get back to you!



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